100 Days Out, Republicans Are Ready To Win

Reince Priebus - July 30, 2016

This is it.

After all the punditry, all the primaries, and all the preparations, we’ve got 100 days to win this election and put America back on top. We are ready to sprint down the home stretch of one of the most historic elections of our lifetime. 

It’s clear Americans are hungry for change. And the Donald Trump-Mike Pence team is a job-creating, America First ticket, whose wealth of knowledge and experience will get middle-class families thriving again.

Our winning ideas are in stark contrast to Hillary Clinton’s tired same old same old. Her plans are merely more of the failed Obama policies which more Obamacare, more debt, and smaller paychecks.

A Clinton presidency means of the same failed foreign policy which has led to the rise of ISIS, a revitalized Russia, and Libya overrun with Jihadists.

A Clinton presidency means a Supreme Court stacked with left-wing activist judges.

The mission is clear, and the time is now.

Our revamped ground game is now running at top speed as hundreds of staffers and tens of thousands of volunteers in battleground states are working to persuade and turn out voters in their own neighborhoods.

We need your help to stop the status quo, out-of-touch Clinton-Kaine ticket and bring back government which embraces real change in Washington and puts America back on top on the world stage.

We need all hands on deck to knock on doors, make phone calls, and do everything else we need to do to win.

We need you.

We have a Republican majority in Congress. Now we need a Republican president to bring things full circle and finish the work of restoring America to greatness.

Donald Trump and Mike Pence’s powerful vision for turning around Washington, growing jobs, and stopping terrorism makes them the only ones able to lead an American comeback. In 100 days, that vision will become a reality. It’s our time to make America great again.   

Will you be part of the change? 

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