Make College Campuses Safe Again?

Leah Le'Vell - October 3, 2016

According to a post at Campus Reform, “a female student and member of the Gustavus College Republicans was assaulted by another male student for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat as the first presidential debate was about to begin”.

Campus Reform also noted that “the victim of the assault has chosen to remain anonymous, saying that she feels unsafe and threatened. While the perpetrator of the assault has not been publicly identified, he is reportedly a male student at Gustavus College”.

“She was walking around bothering no one by wearing a Trump hat, she didn’t deserve this and there’s no way that this should’ve happened,” Minnesota Federation of College Republican Chair Amanda Peterson told Campus Reform. “I wish this was a surprise to me, but it’s not, it’s no secret that college students with conservative leaning viewpoints aren’t strangers to this type of thing on campus.”

Witnesses said the young woman was heading into the cafeteria and a male student started yelling slurs and waving his clothing in an effort to scare her. He reportedly even lunged at her and had to be restrained.

The Minnesota College Republicans have taken action on campus and have filed an assault report with the college’s campus security, and are currently awaiting a final decision.

College campuses are meant to be safe havens for free speech and diverse opinions. No student should ever have to fear for their safety because of a different viewpoint they may have.

You are never too young to get engaged, never too young to make a difference and never too young to let your voice be heard on the issues we care most about. The Republican Party is proud of the fact that Donald Trump empowers millennials on college campuses to stand up for their viewpoints.

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