What A Difference Four Years Makes

- April 7, 2017

Democrats Who Once Praised Majority Leader Reid For Invoking The Nuclear Option Are Now Freaking Out At Republicans For Doing The Same Thing

Sen. Blumenthal

Senator Blumenthal In 2013: " Today's Historic Senate Rules Reform Makes Gov't Work Better. Unprecedented Abuse Of Filibuster Damaging #American Legal System." (Sen. Blumenthal, Twitter Feed , 11/21/13)

Senator Blumenthal In 2017: " One Of My Saddest Days In The Senate. @SenateGOP Decision To Invoke #NuclearOption Will Have Rippling Repercussions For Decades To Come." (Sen. Blumenthal, Twitter Feed , 4/6/17)

Sen. Cardin

Senator Cardin In 2013: I Think The #Filibuster Has Been Abused. Especially By Individual Sens. I Believe In Majority Rule." (Sen. Cardin, Twitter Feed , 7/25/13)

Senator Cardin In 2017: "This Is A Sad Day For The Senate. Eliminating The Filibuster W/ The #NuclearOption Was Not Necessary. Compromise On #SCOTUS Nominee Was." (Sen. Cardin, Twitter Feed , 4/6/17)

Sen. Gillibrand

Senator Gillibrand In 2013: "I'm Plsd We Were Able To Reform The Abused Filibuster Rules So We Can Allow The Senate To Get Back To Work For The American People." (Sen. Gillibrand, Twitter Feed , 11/21/13)

Senator Gillibrand In 2017: "Irresponsible For Our Democracy." (Sen. Gillibrand, Twitter Feed , 4/6/17)

Sen. Leahy

Senator Leahy In 2013: "Patrick Leahy Supports Change In Rules To Address Unprecedented Filibusters." (Sen. Leahy, Tweet Feed , 11/21/13)

Senator Leahy In 2017: " Republicans Just Changed Longstanding Senate Rules Solely To Empower @RealDonaldTrump & The Far-Right Groups Who Put Forward This Nomination." (Sen. Leahy, Twitter Feed , 4/6/17)

Sen. Markey

Sen. Markey In 2013: "Senate GOP Turned Filibuster Into A Tool To Paralyze, Not Persuade. Time To End Obstructionism." (Sen. Markey, Twitter Feed , 11/21/13)

Sen. Markey In 2017: "We Are Seeing GOP Tear At The Last Threads Of Bipartisanship That Have Held The Senate Together For Generations & It's A Shame #Stopgorsuch" (Sen. Markey, Twitter Feed , 4/6/17)

Sen. Merkley

Senator Merkley In 2013: "Thank You For Your Leadership RT @SenatorReid Thanks To All Of You Who Encouraged Me To Consider Filibuster Reform. It Had To Be Done." (Sen. Merkley, Twitter Feed , 11/21/13)

Senator Merkley In 2017: "The Dark Deed Is Done. McConnell Has Just Put A Knife Into The Heart Of Our We The People Republic." (Sen. Merkley, Twitter Feed , 4/6/17)

Sen. Udall

Senator Udall In 2013: "#Filibuster Reform=A Victory 4 Americans Who Want To Change The Way We Do Business In Washington." (Sen. Udall, Twitter Feed , 11/21/13)

Senator Udall In 2017: "Every Kid Who's Ever Played A Pick-Up Game Knows That, When You Can't Win, You Change Your Team's Approach-You Don't Just Change The Rules." (Sen. Udall, Twitter Feed , 4/6/17)

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